How to choose your cast-iron casserole
Choose the shape of your casserole
Round casserole

For dishes cooked in sauce and stews, opt for the round casserole.
It’s the perfect shape for mixing smoothly and effectively.

Oval casserole

Its elongated shape is perfect for roasts and poultry.

Carronde casserole

Are you still not sure whether to choose round or square?
The Carronde combines tradition and modernity.
Its round base is suitable for hobs,
while its square shape is an attractive design.

Choose the size of your casserole

Chasseur casseroles are available in a variety of sizes. The table below lists the number of people, diameter or length and capacity for each product, helping you to make the right choice.

Round casserole

1 pers. 10 cm 0,35 l
1 pers. 12 cm 0,60 l
1 pers. 14 cm 0,90 l
1/2 pers. 16 cm 1,40 l
2 pers. 18 cm 1,80 l
2/4 pers. 20 cm 2,50 l
4 pers. 22 cm 3,20 l
4/6 pers. 24 cm 4,00 l
6 pers. 26 cm 5,00 l
6/8 pers. 28 cm 6,10 l
10 pers. 32 cm 8,80 l

Oval casserole

1 pers. 17 cm 1,00 l
2 pers. 25 cm 3,20 l
4 pers. 27 cm 4,00 l
6 pers. 29 cm 5,00 l
6/8 pers. 31 cm 6,00 l
8/10 pers. 33 cm 7,10 l
10 pers. 35 cm 8,50 l

Carronde casserole

4 pers. 20 cm 3,00 l
6 pers. 24 cm 5,50 l
Choosing the interior colour

Choosing the interior colour is not just about aesthetics.
It is worth noting that the Matte Black is ideal for browning, cooking and reducing, since foods stick more to a black coating. It is also more scratch-resistant.
Meanwhile, the sand colour is very smooth, and foods therefore don’t stick as much. It is also very easy to clean.

Choosing the exterior colour

Chasseur casseroles are available in a variety
of colours, bringing style
and personality to the kitchen and the table!